There are some things I’ll remember about my wedding day forever:

  • “All You Need Is Love” playing as our recessional
  • the way my husband played with his wedding ring during our photos
  • the strawberry I ate off of his creme brulée

And then there are some things I had completely forgotten until I pulled out our dusty wedding DVD:

  • our baby photo montage (Don’t judge! It was 2006. Oh, and our kids definitely look like him.)
  • our friends’ predictions about the future
  • our grandmothers’ mannerisms and voices caught on camera

Even though I’ve only watched that DVD three times in the past 11 years, I’m still so very glad to have it forever.

After all of the planning and preparation, wedding days go by so fast! I would love to capture the big moments + tiny details of your special day, as well as some pieces that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

Drop me a line at bluebirdsbliss(@), and we can schedule time to chat!

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